Performance Enhancing Video Feedback Software Amps Up

Performance Enhancing Video Feedback Software Amps Up

Performance Enhancing Video Feedback Software Amps Up

GoReact, makers of industry-leading video feedback software, announced today the release of a suite of features designed to enhance the experience of instructors and students. Instructors register for a free GoReact account, then create courses and assignments. Students are invited to participate in these courses and pay a low one-time fee. They can record or upload videos of their presentations and receive precise, time-coded feedback all within the cloud-based GoReact application.

The latest release adds the ability for users to add replies to comments. This effectively creates a threaded conversation around the moment in the presentation where feedback was given. Both comments and replies can be made via text, audio, or video. When reviewing comments, users can view all, or filter comments to only instructor comments, only peer comments, or only comments from a single person.

 “We’ve been collecting data in classrooms around the U.S.,” stated Ken Meyers, CEO.  “This release continues our track record of making student video assignment grading and feedback much easier for teachers, and incorporates that feedback, adding enhancements that place additional power in the hands of instructors.”

Studies show that specific context-appropriate feedback can dramatically improve student outcomes. Improving student learning and performance using GoReact has another benefit. Instructors and coaches find that their workload is dramatically less. The headache of collecting media from students—in the form of recordings saved on flash drives, DVDs, or uploaded to YouTube—and then synching up those videos with instructor feedback typed into Word documents or, in the case of ASL instruction, recorded separately. Managing these files, recording scores, and preparing grades can be a daunting challenge. GoReact brings all of these into one place, allowing instructors to automate and save time on burdensome administrative tasks.

GoReact was developed at Brigham Young University in 2010 as an online, multi-discipline video coaching tool. It was recently made available commercially for anyone to use in academic and corporate applications.

Run entirely in the cloud from a browser, GoReact offers an extremely simple but powerful video coaching and analysis tool for both classroom and professional environments. The system takes the usual hassles out of recording a learner for coaching or feedback by packaging everything together in one easy-to-use website—web recording, video management, live or recorded peer and instructor feedback, and time-coded comments and ratings along with structured rubrics.

GoReact is useful in a number of instructional scenarios, including ASL and interpreter training, public speaking and presentations, teacher observations, sales training, performing arts coaching, mock interviews, courtroom and interrogation training, and more.

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