Nursing Education

Practice Readiness With Patrick Luna

A short video clip discussing the mandate to better prepare nursing students for the rigors of professional practice.

As regulatory standards change to ensure nurse readiness, the focus of nursing ed programs is shifting to direct competency.


Patrick Luna:

So this is the motivation and for a lot of the new regulatory standards that we’re seeing within our profession, not only in the clinical realm, but in the academic realm as well, I have the advantage with my current role, I kind of straddle that academic and clinical practice areas. And this is exactly what we have been hearing for quite a long time. Is that the nurses that we are graduating, how prepared are they for the rigors of practice, and how prepared are we making them for the rigors of practice?

And we’ve seen what our regulatory agencies are doing. We’ve seen the next generation NCLEX standards, and this was one of the motivating factors for that entire change with the, AACN and the new essentials that just came out this last year. We’re seeing a change to direct competency and what our students can exactly do, and not so much what they know. So it’s bridging the academic practice gap and there’s a lot of reasons behind this, but this is our overall just point. And our mandate is to catch up, to really start to prepare our students for what they’re going to see in practice. And we know how dynamic the practice area is. So yeah, any in any tool, any way to reach them, any way to give them some feedback on what they’re exactly doing. That’s part of our mandate to be innovative as educators.