Higher Education

Preparing Students for an Ever-Changing Professional Landscape

A video clip about the importance of cultivating a growth mindset and resilience to prepare students for dynamic career paths

Vishal Rana highlights the importance of cultivating a growth mindset and resilience in students to help them prepare for the likelihood of multiple careers and numerous jobs throughout their professional life.


Vishal Rana:

I agree. The growth mindset and the resilient mindset. Because there’s reports coming that the professions, somebody who’s 18 now will probably go to three or four different professions in their lifetime and probably 15 different jobs during their lifetime. So I agree with Bert, it’s about learning for learning, it’s not of learning. So you’re testing knowledge for learning. Because if you are adaptable, you are always keen to learn new things. You’re curious, that growth mindset again comes to being the adaptability of it, the resilience of it. If we can train on the soft skills now, then the professions that don’t exist that will come in the future, students are ready for it. The 18 year olds are ready for it because they know that this is constant change.

I myself changed my profession four times in 20 years and Bert himself has changed his profession a couple of times as well. And I think that’s what makes us more agile and adaptable because we’ve gone through the process ourselves of different professions. And I think that’s the future where if you have that agile mindset, that adaptable mindset, then it becomes easier to go through all these changes that’s happening and evolving and learning new things to be always ready for what’s coming.