Teacher Education

Talk the Talk: Preparing Teacher Candidates to Communicate as Professional Educators

A webinar featuring Jodi Shorma from Valley City State University

Can your teacher candidates talk the talk as professional educators?

Jodi Shorma shares an ingenious video assignment that lets candidates practice thinking and talking like the professional educators they’re training to become.

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of helping candidates think and talk like professional educators
  • How to implement a unique video assignment for candidates to practice these skills in methodology courses
  • The benefits of using video throughout an entire teacher prep program

Jodi Shorma

Jodi Shorma is Chair of the Language and Literature Department at Valley City State University in North Dakota. Currently, she teaches on-campus and online courses in general education and upper-level writing. Shorma also supervises the English Education Program student teachers during their 12-week teaching assignments. Her passion is helping VCSU students achieve their academic goals and career aspirations.