The Collaborative Process for Implementing GoReact

A clip with Sean McCarthy of MVUSD and Heather Lund of GoReact talking about implementation

Listen in as Sean McCarthy, Induction Program Director and Coordinator of Staff Development for Murrieta Valley USD, speaks with Heather Lund of GoReact about their collaboration during the implementation process to design a platform that would accomplish their goals. 


Sean McCarthy:

So what was really great is we worked with Heather Lund from GoReact, and she met with me and my secretary and our leaders and we told her this is what we want, this is what we want to be able to accomplish, and this is how we want things set up. And Heather actually designed, her team basically designed a platform that we were able to share and train our mentors and candidates, and that’s worked really well. And Heather, do you want to share a little bit about that journey working with us?

Heather Lund:

Yes, thank you, Sean. So it was really helpful to have the initial conversation with you and Erica, determine what your goals were, how you were currently using video or what the expectation was so we could align GoReact to meet those specific goals, and make it easy. One thing that we were able to do as well, because you have a large number of mentors who are supporting those induction candidates is really create kind of a master course or template that allowed you to have that consistent structure, which was really nice, but keeping it very specific between the mentor and the candidates so they weren’t having to weed through and search for those candidates that they’re supporting. So just working with you to, again, identify your goals and then align GoReact to meet and support your goals.

Sean McCarthy:

Yeah, it was really great. And I’m sure Heather, when she was first working with us thought, I was just this easily startled person because I was really very shy about even bringing up the possibility of doing this again after we spent so much time and energy trying to do this with the other platform. So she was so great about really listening to, okay, this is what we need, this is the only way it’s going to work, this is the only way it’s not going to just receive a lot of pushback. And I really appreciate how sensitive she was.