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6-Step Process for Making Over Assignments

A short video clip sharing tips on how to make assignments and assessments more effective

Follow these six tips to redesign assignments to ensure students are truly learning in an AI-era

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Derek Bruff:

But I do think there’s a process here that’s really useful. So know what your assignment is and why it makes sense for this course. Make sure you’re clear on the specific learning objectives you have for this assignment. I talked about technical communication and storytelling use of sources. What are those learning objectives? How might students make use of AI tools? That was the big part of my exploration, and I think this will be the big part of your exploration, is seeing what the tools are able to do right now that may be helpful or disruptive for your students. And then it’s about matching it, how can AI undercut the goals of this assignment and how can I mitigate that? If students are depending on ChatGPT to do their storytelling for them, they’re not going to develop those skills themselves. So I might need to shift a little bit to focus on those goals in some other way. But how might AI enhance the assignment and where would students need help figuring that out? I love the idea of using these tools to help students find better sources. So that’s something I can leverage in my work. And then finally, focus on the process. How could you make this assignment more meaningful for students or support them more in the work?