GoReact Product Demo for K12 Teacher Growth

See how GoReact provides teachers with more opportunities for practice, modeling, self-reflection, and collaboration

See for yourself how GoReact supports skill development for teachers with tools for self-reflection, peer observations, and feedback. Then, get the full GoReact experience by booking a demo.


Hi, I’m Bill Mauer and I’m excited to show you how educators around the world use GoReact to support teacher growth. GoReact is an intuitive, reliable and scalable solution that simplifies
self reflection, peer observations, coaching and mentoring, modeling best practices and professional learning using video to drive development.

For years, Professor Hatty has been doing research on micro teaching. The effect size on that is .78, it can double the rate of learning.

You’re familiar with Jim Knight and his instructional coaching program. He wrote a book on video based coaching.

GoReact can serve the purpose for all of those. I’m gonna talk about three things that school districts and schools are utilizing GoReact for.

The first thing I’m gonna talk about is the coaching and mentoring piece. Everything you see here on the screen is customizable. When I click into my mentoring folder, I’m gonna have some activities. I may be working with first year teachers or second year teachers or both. As a mentor, if I’m supporting first year teachers, I’ll click on this activity and now I have a video of this teacher who’s videotaped themselves in the classroom and now as a mentor, I’m gonna provide them some feedback. Turn the volume off there. The videos on the left, the feedback pane is on the right. You have three ways to provide feedback: text, audio or video. In this case, I’m going to provide a piece of text feedback for this teacher. I like how you use the turn and talk strategy. If you notice, when I started typing it paused the video. This gives you an opportunity to really provide a formative piece of feedback for this teacher. As soon as I hit, enter three things are gonna happen. The video is gonna start playing again, it’s gonna time stamp that piece of feedback, and it’s gonna hyperlink it as well. I hit enter it, time stamped it at 17 seconds. The importance of this is now when my teacher goes back to look at my feedback, all she has to do is click on that link and it takes her back to that point in time. The importance of that is that gives her that situational awareness of what they were doing when I provided that feedback to them. That’s where the learning takes place.

If you notice I have some color markers down here, these are customizable as well. Let’s say I’m focusing on the learning target and I see that she referred that in the video, I can go ahead and tag that and it also time stamps it and hyperlinks it as well. These could be look for competencies that you’re focusing on. Again, everything is customizable.

If I wanted to provide another piece of feedback, students are very engaged, I can do that as well.

We’ve got some other options, but I’m gonna move on to the second um thing that we are focusing on in school districts using GoReact and that is inside our professional learning activities. There’s multiple, I only have two examples here. I’m just gonna go over the self reflection real quick. Let’s say I have a teacher I’m working with and I want to provide a self reflection activity for her. This teacher can videotape themselves in the classroom and they then can tell me, hey, give me two things you did really well and maybe one thing you want to work on. In this case, this teacher’s already provided feedback to herself on this video that she videotapes. When I click in here, she now has provided feedback on herself on how she thought she was doing. She picked two things she did really well and one thing she needed work on. In this case, you can see if I wanted to see her feedback right here, I can just click on it and then fast forward to that point in the video. If I wanted to I look at that piece where she said, I could have asked that question differently, I can now reply to her and we can have an ongoing conversation inside this platform. You also have an option to use rubrics in here as well and any activity you can use a rubric. In this case, I have a teacher self evaluation form that I’ve put in here. Again, these are customizable, but you can do these for every single video or every activity inside of GoReact.

I’m now going to go over the last piece and that is peer observation or sharing best practice. Inside here, I have a teacher who’s really good with student engagement. I can now have a collaborative conversation with a group of peers on this best practice scenario. We all could provide comments so it’s open up to everyone that provides comments here. But in the rubric button, I now have created a prompt on a peer observation form. Watch this video and answer these three questions. Very simple to use very customizable. I’m happy to provide any questions moving forward, feel free to contact us. Thanks for watching today and we’ll talk to you soon.