Nursing Education

Putting Knowledge Into Practice With Patrick Luna

A short video clip highlighting the importance of demonstrating applied knowledge in Nursing Education.

Patrick Luna explains that where classroom learning falls short, GoReact enables instructors to assess students’ clinical competency.


Patrick Luna:

So this is something that comes from my didactic teaching as well, is I can sit down and we can sit in class and I can explain all of these different things to you. I teach mainly clinical courses in the didactic realm, and it’s really, really interesting. And it was something that I felt very early. It’s like, “How am I standing in front of all these people? And they are all sitting down and I am trying to teach them how to be a nurse.” I’ve been a nurse. I know what it’s like and what it takes to succeed in that realm. And sitting in a chair isn’t always the way.

And so I want to see what you’re doing with the knowledge that I’m giving you. I want you to demonstrate the main points. And I want to see if this is working, it’s an assessment, not only for the students, it’s an assessment for me, because if this isn’t working and if I’m not achieving my clinical competencies with my students, then I need to change something about the way that I’m working. So this is a knowledge to practice thing. I create my assignments within GoReact, to assess their ability to apply didactic knowledge. So this is a very direct thing, I want to see them do.