Real World Relevance with Annotated Videos

A short video clip explaining the benefits of using an annotated video platform; real-world relevance, self-paced learning, supports student growth

Dr. Ray Francis, Professor at Central Michigan University explains the benefits of using an annotated video platform.


Dr. Ray Francis:

In the evolving landscape that is education, annotated videos give us some opportunities for some different things that are truly unique and helps our new novice maturing professionals to grow. It gives us records. It gives us all kinds of different things. For example, annotated video systems can provide us with a real-world relevance, meaning that annotated videos bring the real classroom videos to life. I’ll show you some still pictures in just a few minutes of additional still pictures, but whenever we look at things like this, as we see into the classroom, if you’re not familiar with it too much, you’re looking at it’s like, oh my goodness. A real classroom with a real teacher doing real, let’s call it education stuff, and it brings that real world into the realm of teacher preparation and professional development for teachers.

There is an authenticity in what we’re doing and how we are using it. It can bring in the idea of self-paced learning, meaning that in many different ways, what we do is create the opportunities for teachers to engage with annotated videos at their own pace.