Higher Education

Rethinking Assessment in the Age of AI

A webinar where higher ed faculty reveal strategies and tools they use to assess authentically

As ChatGPT and other AI tools become increasingly integrated across academia, administrators and faculty are rethinking what they want students to learn and how they can assess knowledge and skills. 

Watch our conversation with several instructors who share ideas and tools for optimal assessment strategies that enable students to demonstrate their learning and drive growth through meaningful feedback. 

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Assignment and assessment examples that effectively measure acquired knowledge
  • The key components of making assessments authentic
  • How to leverage video + feedback tools to help students develop in-demand skills 

Joseph Kennedy

A GoReact user for eleven years, Joseph Kennedy has taught math, education, computer programming, and public speaking at both the high school and collegiate levels. A National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (AYA-Math) educator, he is currently the Coordinator of Instructional Design Services at Concordia College, where he is also an intermittent faculty member for the Math and Education departments. His publications and presentations most recently have focused on assessment, student privacy, and artificial intelligence. His master’s thesis focused on assessment, and his work with the NBPTS, the College Board, and local school districts has greatly influenced his assessment approaches. He is a proud partner and father, and enjoys working with airplanes in his spare time.

Jeff Przybylo

Jeff Przybylo is in his 27th year as a professor of Communication Arts at Harper Community College, and currently serves as the director of the speech and debate program. He has been at the forefront of the movement to bring technology into the classroom and has worked with GoReact since its inception. Since his first day in the classroom, Jeff has enthusiastically embraced the online learning movement and has worked with faculty across the country to help professors integrate the latest technologies such as adaptive learning, online assessment, and speech capture into their communication classrooms. As a professor, his goal is to shed the image of “sage on the stage” and instead act as a coach who develops strategies to encourage students to become actively involved in their education.

Pete Morgan

At GoReact, Pete Morgan manages partnerships and relationships with large, enterprise customers, helping them to achieve greater success through scalable learning activities, streamlined access, and custom interoperability.