Nursing Education

Sample Clinical Judgment Case Study Assignment

A short video clip that provides an example of how to use GoReact for a clinical judgment case study assignment

Hear from Patrick Luna how he set up a case study assignment to measure clinical judgment within GoReact.


Patrick Luna:

This is an example. This is an example of a rubric that I use to evaluate clinical judgment principles. This rubric is based on a three-point scale and is based on the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric and also the clinical judgment measurement model and the nursing process, which is a huge objective in my course.

Both the Lasater rubric and the clinical judgment measurement model emphasize an ability to identify relevant information. This assignment is loaded with data, and you’ll see that in a minute. The students must sift through all the data and create a specific plan of care. To do this, they have to filter the information through clinical reasoning. This is only one component of this evaluation. It gives me an opportunity to provide students feedback on what is important information, based on their chosen plan of care.

There is no right answer, like in a multiple choice test. They must choose their own path and rationalize their decisions in their response.

This is just an example of what the prompt is. The assignment states, using the patient information provided, verbalize a plan of care for the client. You will record your verbal response in GoReact. There is a three minute time limit on your video. Videos that go over that time will not be evaluated.

The response will be evaluated, based on the video case study rubric, which we just saw. This is an independent assignment. We are evaluating your individual ability to construct a coherent plan of care, based on a client’s scenario.

There is no more information available for this client. You must make a clinical decision, based on the information that you are given.

Like you see here, there’s tons of data in this scenario, including an update on the client that shows them a video of the client in respiratory distress, right there at the bottom.

I don’t limit them on what path they should take, only that they have to present a coherent plan. So, this is exciting to me. Grading this assignment doesn’t feel like work. It reminds me why I wanted to be an educator and keeps me focused on my purpose. I’m a facilitator that guides my students on a path to becoming safe, effective care providers. A strong foundation in clinical judgment principles will allow them to translate their clinical experiences into valuable opportunities for growth.

This occurs outside of my direct influence. It allows students to chart their own path and incorporate their own talents into their nursing care.

Innovation in care will allow students to meet the dynamic challenges of our changing profession.

So, the streamlined video feedback interface available through GoReact, that’s what made this assignment possible. I never would’ve created this without having a clear method for evaluating and assessing my students.