Higher Education

Self-Reflection & Affirmation: Important for Learning all Subjects

A video explaining two key components of feedback for any student

Joe Kennedy explains that for students of any subject, being able to self-reflect on their work is equally as important as receiving instructor feedback.


Joseph Kennedy:

But most important, it allows for self-reflection and affirmation. One of the key things I like about GoReact is I can ask students to explain a math problem and then watch the video and comment on the video about, do you think you explained that well? Was it complete? Would a 14 year old understand what you are saying? Would a business person understand what you’re saying?

And I will also provide that feedback, but they don’t see my feedback until they’ve already done theirs. And that gives them a chance to not only self-reflect, but also to see if their self-reflection is in line with the instructors, the person they think is an authority. And that can be very affirming to students when they’re like, oh, I kind of thought I was good there and then the instructor told me I was amazing. That can really help students get better in their ability to understand things in the math and science fields.