Setting New Teachers up for Success: Enhancing the New Teacher Experience

A panel discussion on best practices and insights to help prepare new teachers, featuring Ann Stark, Lauren Peña, and Wendy Anderson

Any new job is hard and the stakes are too high to let new teachers struggle. Over 44 percent of new teachers quit within the first five years and many districts face severe teacher shortages. It’s more important than ever to support new teachers now.

Watch our panel conversation with Wendy Anderson, Shared Curriculum Director, Lauren Peña, Director of Instructional Technology, and Ann Stark, Mentor Teacher, from districts across the country. They share best practices and insights on how to support new teachers this school year and set them up for success going forward. 

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a robust, intensive teacher induction and mentorship program
  • How new teacher support can improve the experience of both new and veteran teachers
  • Why it’s important to create a culture of feedback and differentiate new teacher support 
  • How to foster self-efficacy to bolster new teachers’ ability to navigate their career successfully

Ann Stark

Ann Stark is an experienced educator with over 22 years as a classroom teacher and 14 years as an induction program mentor. She holds a master's degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Study. She is passionate about inspiring and guiding young minds to reach their full potential, and is committed to using her experience and knowledge to positively impact student lives through continued personal growth as an educator. Ann is dedicated to improving the education system through effective leadership and change implementation.

Lauren Peña

Lauren Peña is the Director of Instructional Technology at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School in Oklahoma City. She has spent 16 years learning to be a better educator from stellar colleagues and students in rural, suburban, public, and private schools. She enjoys finding new ways to make learning safe for all students and the daily tasks of teaching more efficient for teachers.

Wendy Anderson

Wendy Anderson is the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Baxter and Colfax-Mingo Community School Districts in central Iowa. In her thirty years as an educator, she has also served as a middle school literacy teacher, school counselor, and educational consultant. She holds master’s degrees in school counseling and administration as well as a doctorate of philosophy in educational psychology. Wendy is passionate about building educators’ capacity and self-efficacy and developing systems that serve the needs of all learners.