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Simplify & Save Time Integrating GoReact With Your LMS

A short video clip focused on how the University of Sussex improves the student experience by integrating GoReact and Canvas LMS

Karen Gladwin from the University of Sussex explains the importance and ease of integrating Canvas with GoReact to create a one-stop shop for their teacher education program.


Jenny Gordon:

Karen, in your case, we integrate with Canvas at your university, that’s your learning management system. From a GoReact perspective, we know that we are a small part of a much bigger edtech kind of ecosystem, if you like. Why was integrating with Canvas important to you and your team back at Sussex? Why was the integration an important thing, both from a safety perspective and security perspective, but also from a user experience perspective?

Karen Gladwin:

I think Canvas came to Sussex, oh, I think it’s two or three years ago, now. It’s definitely a second system since I’ve been here, and it really has become that one stop shop. And I think that’s important for trainees. They’ve got university emails, and school emails, and different websites, and a thousand places to look, so to try and put everything in one place that they can find it quite easily at the push of a button, I think was really important to us. To make sure it was being used effectively and efficiently.

But as you said, the other thing for colleagues and for students in schools was knowing that it was in a safe repository through Canvas, and with you with the recordings. So I think the fact that there are several layers of security just trying to get into Canvas and therefore into GoReact from our end, that it wasn’t just out there for anyone to find. It’s quite a difficult situation. In fact, we haven’t found a way around yet of giving access to our mentors. So at the moment, our trainees would need to show their mentors any recording via their own access and materials. So that I hope will mean that they’re talking about it and sharing that experience together, but it definitely has helped putting it all into one place and knowing where it is.

Jenny Gordon:

Absolutely. And I think it can work both ways, I think, depending on the way that you intend to use a tool as part of a broader platform, or independently. You have options in terms of the way you want to integrate.