Higher Education

Student Improvement With GoReact

A short video clip where one business communications professor explains how video + feedback accelerates learning and improves student performance

Hear JD Schramm explain how GoReact has evolved from a nice-to-have to an integral teaching tool.


When you teach communications as I do, you’re used to seeing students get better and better with each talk that they do in the class. And so I had to pause when you, when you pose the question to think, I always see student performance improve. But what’s different about doing it inside of GoReact is you accelerate their learning, not only are they able to see exactly in the moment what they could have done differently or the impact of the choices that they’ve made, but now that I also use GoReact for them to give feedback to one another and occasionally to students on other teams or in other sections as they begin to watch the videos and capture their own feedback that also is accelerating their learning and allowing them to increase their performance. And so it is a tool that used to be a nice to have when I started in 2014 and now I consider it integral and necessary for my students to do well, for me to be efficient and also effective in what I give them so that they can increase their performance as communicators and as leaders.