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Students Are the Real Winners When GoReact Is Used Campuswide

A short video clip about the importance of tech scalability for use across multiple departments when preparing students for their careers

Hear from a tech leader at one of the largest public universities on how using the same tech tool across departments helps students develop skills that are needed in the workforce.


Mauricio Cadavid:

The current traditional model of career paths, it used to be sort of like the student comes in and we thought that the student will take all the courses just for that program and then graduate with that degree and then go get that particular job. Now we’re finding out that students are taking multiple sort of courses from different departments because they want to have their options clear. Now, you know, you just simply do a cursory search of jobs on LinkedIn and then the job descriptions go like, “Oh my gosh, I need to have business knowledge. I need to have technology knowledge, I need to have English knowledge.”

And so now we’re making sort of like this, I don’t want to call it buffet style, but a diversified pathway in which the students need to tap into different areas. Why is that important? Because if you are using the tool for the communication department and you focus it only for communication students, you’re missing out on the opportunity that you can have the English students, for example, coming in, the business students who want to take communication classes to come in. And so you take it out from a department and then you make it an institutional adoption for it. And then you can see that the tool all of a sudden goes from teachers being able to record themselves teaching a classroom that are being sort of the assignment of a classroom for the certificate sort of classes, to all of a sudden that teacher having to take a business class or a manager or entrepreneurship because on their side they want to do something and the tool offers the flexibility to do that, then all of a sudden there is a higher chance for adoption.

It is easier to get a tool that has a bigger umbrella, a bigger net like GoReact when it is institutionally adopted that when it’s like, “Hey, have you heard that there is this particular tool that is being used in the business department?” And people go like, “That’s business. They’re doing that stuff in business. We don’t really do that sort of here,” et cetera. But all of a sudden when you present it as a tool with a bigger umbrella of adoption institutionally wise, and then of course we look into our system, the Cal State University system, which is 23 campuses making it the largest public system in the nation, then all of a sudden you start to see scalability of the tool. Now you get to talk to other universities at other places and see what it is that they’re doing. We get to see the flexibility, the plasticity that uses and how you actually get to learn from the ability to see the different uses and stuff like that.