3 Ways To Support Teacher Growth With Video Technology (and Spend Less Time Out of the Classroom)

A webinar featuring Sam Butterfield from GoReact

Hear from Sam Butterfield, experienced technology consultant at GoReact, to learn how to elevate teacher growth with budget-friendly and time-saving video feedback tools.

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to spend less time out of the classroom and simplify teacher observations with video feedback
  • How to build self-awareness in teachers by using video for self-evaluation and reflection
  • How to use video technology to create best practice videos that can be used for teacher training and growth

Sam Butterfield

Sam Butterfield serves as our West Region Sr. Account Executive here at GoReact. Having taught high school before getting into the edtech space, Sam will share his experience from both his time teaching as well as his time working with districts to implement technology for teacher growth.