Feedback Literacy—Digging Deeper

Studies have shown that feedback literacy is one of the most important elements of learning and that students are generally starved for good feedback.


How to Successfully Foster Online Student Engagement

Whatever your program plans on doing this fall, you need to use your tools and resources effectively to foster online student engagement. 

Giving Feedback for ASL—and Making It Count

A blog post with tips for making feedback effective and meaningful

Teaching ASL Online: Making the Transition With GoReact

If you’ve never taught ASL online before, this guide is filled with ideas to help you make the transition and move your ASL course completely online.

Life as a Coda: An Interview with Ku Mei Kern

Signing, interacting with the Deaf community, and getting to know other deaf people can help Codas appreciate their upbringing and find pride in their identity.

7 Deadly Sins of Deaf Clients

How we think about and interact with our interpreters can make all the difference in the quality of service we receive and the work that interpreter goes on to perform.

8 Creative Ways Our Customers Use GoReact

GoReact can be helpful in any learning environment that requires an instructor to observe a student’s presentation or performance.

4 Scientific Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn ASL

Sign language users—and particularly native signers who have used ASL their entire lives—actually have scientific advantages over other language speakers.

The History of Sign Language

To give you some perspective on just how amazing and prolific sign language really is, let’s take a deep dive into the long and colorful history of how signs—and ASL in particular—came to be.

Celebrating 200 Years of American Sign Language

Every year on April 15, we get to celebrate the anniversary of ASL—and this year marks the language’s momentous bicentennial.