Tailored Feedback for Better Outcomes

A short video excerpt highlighting the simplicity of using GoReact and the benefits of time-stamped feedback

When observations can’t happen in-person, GoReact captures specific, relevant feedback for more meaningful conversations, leading to positive change in the classroom.


Lindsey Wickersham:

So we decided to use the GoReact platform for a few different reasons. Number one, it was simple to use, so there wasn’t a lot of training or extra learning that we had to do in order to be successful in using the platform.

Number two, and probably the most important reason, is it allows for our mentors to leave specific feedback that is timestamped during that video observation. And that is the most important part. So we always want somebody to be there to observe our new teachers during the lesson observation, but if that can’t happen, the feedback needs to happen in a meaningful way. So with GoReact, mentors can watch the video, leave time-stamped time-coded feedback, ask the questions, put in some resources that are really relevant to the teaching that was happening at that moment, and that ultimately leads to a more meaningful conversation that can lead to change in the teachers classrooms.