Nursing Education

Targeted Feedback Features for Nursing Education With Patrick Luna

A short video clip showing the simplicity of assessing skills with targeted, time-stamped feedback.

Patrick Luna demonstrates the ease and value of giving and receiving targeted feedback with GoReact.


Patrick Luna:

So this is an example of a student or a demo for sterile technique. So what I can do throughout this process, and you can see what Sam’s done within this interface is I watch this video and I give feedback based on pinpointed areas within the video. So I might, at this point type in, “Did a good job cleaning your surface area.” And then they would see that at that direct time period. So this is reinforcing good behavior or good sterile technique, as well as giving feedback on what they can improve. And the student has access to this in a very simple… The providing feedback is just as easy as receiving it. They just go through, they can click on their feedback and go to that specific area of their video to see what they’ve done well and what they need improvement with.

And this is just one example of many. I have students perform assessments, perform SBARs, just about everything that I can put into this interface.