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Teaching Communication in Nursing Education

A short video clip focused on how to instruct students on essential nursing communication skills

Get expert insight on teaching and assessing communication skills in future nurses.


Patrick Luna:

Rather than write it out, especially if I want to see how they’re enacting a process like the nursing process, I’ll give them a case. We all have cases, and I’ll put it into my LMS, and then have them respond verbally and explain their plan of care through GoReact.

There’s a lot of things that I can assess a lot better than reading a hundred care plans on paper is how you communicate information is a lot more relevant to clinical practice than how you write it. That’s just the way that practice is going. You chart less, which even though there’s a lot of charting, but we’re not writing narrative notes about our patients for the most part. Especially new nurses aren’t coming out writing these long narrative notes. And I don’t know if anybody’s doing it. If you are, let me know. But in my environment I’m not preparing nurses for that. But what they will do is they’re going to communicate plans of care to multiple people throughout a given shift, their patient to the multidisciplinary care team, to their preceptor, or instructor, or whoever’s there with them. They will have to explain this.

So with moving a case study like that, and I call them video case studies, to GoReact has allowed me not only to assess what their clinical decision-making and their utilization of the nursing process is, but also their communication