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Technology Can Bridge the Gap Between Learning and Working

A short video about the important role technology plays in developing employable skills

Hear Sarah Knight of Jisc explain how technology is critical to ensuring employability for graduates.


Sarah Knight:

I think one of the things that comes through so often is the gap between graduates leaving and the expectations of employers and ensuring that our graduates have got the digital capability, the confidence, the resilience to be able to use the industry software that’s being used out in the workplace at the moment. That’s constantly changing, and we need to ensure that our students have a wide range of opportunities to use different types of technologies to be developing those employability skills of which to be able to present, to be able to self reflect, to be able to communicate confidently is all part of that set of skills that are required to be employable, so I think anything that can again encourage students to have those opportunities embedded within the curriculum is really valuable.

We had for many years that thing, “Well actually go off and do your employability or prepare for the workplace over there.” Whereas what we need to be doing is designing those opportunities into the curriculum along with developing their digital skills and confidence. Absolutely we really do need to be looking towards the future, and our jobs are going to continue to evolve and develop and students will have many different careers or jobs during their lifetime and we need to be giving them the resilience to be able to navigate through a changing global work.