The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

In the final inning of 2016, experts are eagerly predicting the future of education. What are potential jobs looking for in new graduates? What skills should students be building right now? To answer these questions, EdSurge released a fascinating read on the most sought-after skills in the workplace: Rethinking Credentials: The Power of Soft Skills. As it turns out, traditionally “soft skills” are the hot ticket of 2017.

Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, recalled a conversation he had with President Hanlon of Dartmouth College:

“I was chatting with President Hanlon about skills we consider to be the “most important,” for students to develop during their time in college to set them up to get a job after graduation. I began to talk about the importance of soft skills, like communications, critical thinking, and teamwork, but President Hanlon stopped me in my tracks saying, “These are not ‘soft’ skills! These are ‘power’ skills.”

In the past, soft skills were seen as less important—“mushy nice to haves” as Agarwal puts it. But in reality these skills are required across nearly every industry. No matter what subject you’re teaching, instilling excellent communication skills in your students is an absolute must. The trouble is that soft skills are also the most difficult to improve.

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