The Power of Video for Observation

Video observation allows beginning teachers to see first-hand what they’re doing well and identify potential opportunities for growth

A short video clip explaining the power of video observation to maximize mentors’ time and promote new teachers’ self-reflection.


Ann Stark:

I work as a mentor to new teachers in our district and one of the things that we do is we do observations on our new teachers to see how things are going in their classroom, to be able to provide them guidance.

GoReact was introduced as a way to do teacher observations without having to take time out of our own class. And it proved to be much more powerful than we initially thought it would be because having the teachers be able to go back and watch themselves teaching and then discuss it with them proved to be a whole lot more powerful than when we just watched and they taught. Now they can see what we saw and it’s documented evidence of the things that they’re doing really well and the impact they’re having on their students and also the areas for growth.