Global Education

The Value of Video

A short video clip about how video delivers value in multiple ways for both instructors and students

Hear how video is a solution that offers convenience and more robust review and assessment of skill demonstration.


Jenny Gordon:

The video solution is a solution that solves many challenges, those that have come up recently and those that are going to continue being difficult, the travel, the cost of travel, the way of getting multiple different stakeholders to assess a student or a learner in different places, all of those things that come up regularly, but then there’s added value as well. Once a piece of content has been created on video that can be reviewed by yourself, you can self reflect on that, not only once but many times, and the ability to then share that with the people that you are getting formative feedback from time and time again, so I think it becomes a resource that can be used multiple times in one of our key disciplines is teacher training.

A lot of our trainees will say, I used to have somebody come into my classroom and give me my feedback on my piece of paper, which was great, but now I can see that feedback in complete context with what I was doing, and that combination of pinpoint feedback next to the performance of a skill or the performance of a specific competency allowed them to then implement the change or that feedback much more specifically than it had previously when it was detailed on perhaps a form or a feedback database. I think there’s lots of different advantages depending particularly in which to discipline or thing you are teaching, but I think as Graeme said, the more vocational requirement, the deliberate practice of something and then the need to deliberately assess at the end of a process, video can be very supportive in that, in bringing stakeholders from all over to look at something that’s happening either live or after the fact.