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Three Key Learning Objectives To Teach the Concept of Communication

A short video clip outlining the three areas of communication competency that should be assessed

Ideas to incorporate into your curriculum: three communication competencies that should be taught and recommendations on which years to teach them in.


Elaine Wittenberg:

So a competency based approach to teaching the concept of communication as outlined in Essentials domains, should address three different types of learning objectives. We encourage all programs to teach and conduct competency assessment for communication attitude in the first year of study, because that is the incremental year where you would be developing a favorable attitude, not just towards communication, but towards being open to learning more about communication skills. And then in subsequent years you would teach and assess for communication knowledge, which would then lead up to communication skills. So it wouldn’t make sense to just jump into a first year course and be assessing for communication skill, and you probably don’t do that already.