Nursing Education

Time and Efficiency Gains With GoReact

A short video clip on how to save time and effectively evaluate students for skills they’ll need in their jobs

See how video case studies can be used to evaluate clinical judgment and communication skills. 

Watch the full webinar.


Patrick Luna:

Something that I found to be really beneficial as a time-saver for me is using video-based case studies. So I took case studies that I already had that I would have students either respond to within a discussion board or something like that or within a group, and I’ve turned them into GoReact assignments. So what I get an opportunity to do is to see how they will communicate a plan of care. Rather than just write something down or put it into a five column care plan, what I can do is I can assess how they can communicate their plan of care as if they were in a clinical setting with a shift report or something to that effect. It’s, again, adding a level of richness to what would otherwise just be a standard case study. Now I can have them communicate these things, I can have them hand off shift report. There’s a lot of different ways that I can do that and I can give them feedback on their communication.