Teacher Education

Tips & Tricks From 20 Years of Preparing Teacher Candidates Online

A webinar featuring Dr. James Mitchell from California State University, East Bay

The pandemic put pressure on teacher educators to move their courses and programs online. For instructors who were new or unseasoned at preparing teacher candidates remotely, this was an overwhelming task.

Dr. James Mitchell, a pioneer of online teacher preparation, shares advice and tips to help you and your candidates excel in a virtual environment.

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The three Fs of teaching online
  • Helpful tools and resources for moving teacher prep programs online
  • How to support teacher candidates online

About Dr. James Mitchell

Dr. James Mitchell has taught and worked with teacher candidates online for 20 years. He now serves as Director of the Online Single Subject Credential Program at California State University, East Bay. This program is designed to credential teachers who are unable to take courses at a physical campus.