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Training More Psychology Practitioners to Meet Growing Mental Healthcare Needs


Training More Psychology Practitioners to Meet Growing Mental Healthcare Needs

An estimated 61.5 million Americans experience mental illness each year. That’s 1 in 4 adults, but only half seek treatment. Despite the growing need for mental healthcare, psychological resources aren’t keeping pace with demand. Dr. Sarah Mire, a licensed psychologist in Texas, is just one psych professional who’s working to change that. Mire worked as a practitioner before earning her Ph.D. from the University of Houston where she’s now Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences department. To train more highly-qualified psychology practitioners, Mire was on the lookout for methods that would give her students the clinical practice they need. Through trial and error with various video tools, Mire discovered a simple yet powerful solution: GoReact. GoReact solved all the problems Mire had with other platforms, including limited video storage, lost jump drives, and the hassle of setting up a camera and tripod. Mire said, “I thought GoReact could really be a game changer, and it’s worked out fantastic!” Now, students simply record themselves on their own smartphones or laptops, and videos are saved and submitted in the cloud.


Growing Mental Health Needs

  • Psychology professors need more efficient ways to educate future professionals.

Cumbersome Technology

  • Faculty and students struggle to manage the demands of recording equipment.

No Evidence of Skill Development

  • Without video skills assessments, faculty are unsure if students are absorbing information and improving.


GoReact Solutions

Effective Practice Platform

  • Using GoReact for remote observation, faculty can evaluate skill anytime, anywhere

Increase Efficiency

  • Eliminating the need for complex equipment, GoReact simplifies video recording, submission, and storage.

Enhanced Psychologist Readiness

  • With video, faculty can see visible improvements in their students’ therapeutic techniques.

"I've seen greater improvement in a much faster time, and I attribute that to GoReact."

Dr. Sarah Mire

Associate Professor of Psychology

Seeing Rapid Student Improvement
“Once they record a video, they turn it in through GoReact and get feedback from me on the platform. I love that I can upload my own rubric to GoReact and add markers to flag skills at certain spots in their videos. They get detailed feedback that’s actually easy to follow.” Gathering and commenting on her student’s videos became easier overnight.
Dr. Mire’s students are now improving at remarkable rates. Before GoReact, Mire had no evidence that students were reviewing and absorbing her feedback. Now, she said, “This is the fifth time I’ve taught this class and the first time I’ve taught with GoReact. This is the first year I’ve actually seen students improve at specific spots in their administration where I left feedback. That tells me they’re actually watching these videos. I’ve seen greater improvement in a much faster time, and I attribute that to GoReact.”

Looking Forward
Thanks to GoReact, Mire is convinced her students are more prepared to succeed in their careers, and to expand the psychology healthcare industry. In the end, skilled professionals equipped with the knowledge and determination to help people will make a lasting difference for mental healthcare nationwide. Mire added, “GoReact is incredibly useful and exactly what this field needs.”