Transforming Teacher Coaching: Insights from Riverside County Office of Education

A webinar featuring Jaymie Baiza and Angel Van Horn from the Riverside County Office of Education

Hear from Jaymie Baiza, Administrator of Induction, and Angel Van Horn, Administrator of Online Induction, of Riverside County Office of Education, how they prepare and train over 1,800 coaches for supporting teachers using reflective practice, peer engagement, and feedback.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how RCOE:

  • Conducts coaching conversations using self reflection and peer reviews
  • Supports coaches in the online induction program by delivering personalized feedback
  • Streamlined processes and created efficiencies with video sharing

Jaymie Baiza, Administrator of Induction

Jaymie Baiza is passionate about educational technology and is an Administrator at the Center for Teacher Innovation, where she has led transformative initiatives in online and distance induction in California. She is innovative in designing websites, co-leading professional writing teams, and managing gamified professional development platforms. Utilizing cutting-edge educational tools such as GoReact for teacher/mentor observations and peer feedback, Jaymie facilitates space for all voices to be heard. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for advancing educational practices, Jaymie continues to inspire and empower educators to embrace innovative teaching strategies.

Angel Van Horn, Administrator of Online Induction

Angel Van Horn is an expert in the realm of online and distance learning. Serving as the Administrator of Online and Distance Learning at the Center for Teacher Innovation, Riverside County Office of Education in California. Angel brings a unique blend of professionalism and approachability to the table. With a passion for breaking barriers, Angel pioneered California's first fully online new teacher induction program, reaching eager new teachers on six continents. But it's not just about programs; it's about people. Angel specializes in creating engaging, reflective coaching experiences both synchronously and asynchronously. She uses GoReact to provide a space for teacher and mentor to connect and hone their professional practice.