Unlock Teacher Growth through Coaching and Reflection

A webinar featuring Lindsey Wickersham and Jennifer Merry of Ontario-Montclair School District

Hear from Lindsey Wickersham, Induction Coordinator, and Jennifer Merry, Teacher on Assignment, Instructional Coach, of Ontario-Montclair School District, on how they have built a strong foundation for professional growth that is rewarding for both mentors and new teachers by using video feedback.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how they:

  • Solved for a sub shortage that was severely impacting their mentorship program
  • Enable greater self-reflection and improved teacher practice
  • Improved their observation process to enable more meaningful debrief conversations between coaches and teachers

Jennifer (Jenni) Merry

Jenni Merry is a full-time induction mentor for the Ontario-Montclair School District. Before being a full-time mentor, Jenni was a classroom teacher working with students in grades 5th-8th. When Jenni is not in the classroom with new teachers, she can be found spending time with her family, hiking or reading.

Lindsey Wickersham

Prior to taking this job, Lindsey taught grades 3rd-8th in 2 different school districts. She loves being in the classroom which is why she loves supporting new teachers as they figure out what works best for student learning. Being outdoors is a necessity for her family. They especially love to go camping and have adventures on trips whenever they can!