Teacher Education

Using GoReact Data to Inform Teacher Candidate & Supervisor Training

See how you can use data from GoReact to impact program improvements and accreditation activities

Hear from Rebecca Sanborn, Clinical Experiences Coordinator at the SUNY Empire State College School for Graduate Studies, on how they’re making program improvements and adjusting supervisor training using data from observations within GoReact.


Rebecca Sanborn:

Because we are not currently using any other systems, such as Watermark, we are receiving all of our data in an excel format. This works for us, we track multiple different types of data within excel sheets. The way that it comes in through GoReact, we’re able to track both which observation it is, which course it’s part of, we have received information illustrating the course ID, the observation number, it will show us how this can work for our IT decision support team, which we’re going to talk about in a moment, and how they’re going to be able to implement this data into a reviewable format. 

We can also track this data by semester, by the student, and by the field supervisor reviewer. Another example of the way we receive this data—it also tracks the rubric element, the rating that this teacher candidate receives, as well as a description or the feedback from the supervisor. This feedback from the supervisor is extremely important to us. It allows us to review not only the teacher candidates feedback, but also the type of feedback that our supervisors are supporting or providing to our teacher candidates. 

We are planning to look at the type of feedback from each supervisor to determine trainings and supports for supervisors, as well as broken down into the different content areas. We can use this qualitative data to determine what we’re seeing also in the video and what we’re not seeing, so elements that are maybe not being met by our teacher candidates are able to be met or illustrated internally by our program, and this is going to allow our faculty to determine what changing teaching practices should be applied or address in their coursework by the teacher candidates. We also are able to break this down by the content area. While we’ve been using GoReact we’ve noticed changing feedback and scores by our ELA and math teacher candidates, and our current faculty are able to implement that to change what’s being addressed in specific content areas.