GoReact for Skill Development and Professional Growth

A short video clip focused on using GoReact to make it easier for employees to demonstrate growth and improve skills

Hear how using GoReact to simplify upskilling and reskilling allows your company to empower employees to own their development and future-proof your workforce. By enabling self-reflection, video sharing, and personalized feedback, see how easy it is for employees and managers to use GoReact.


Pete Morgan:

In today’s fast paced business landscape, skills based learning is essential, crucial even, for corporate professionals. My ability to upskill myself, enhances adaptability, fosters innovation, promotes continuous growth, and learning opportunities, increases my employability, and empowers myself to make an impact on my business, corporation, or industry. Embracing this skills based learning pathway, if you will, gives me the ability to thrive in a dynamic corporate environment. It creates an opportunity for me to become indispensable.

Now, GoReact employs or allows for the honing in of and utilization of that skills learning pathway. Skills based learning through GoReact allows me to own, manage, and organize all of the skills and competencies that I need to develop, to truly thrive in my environment, to become indispensable. As I develop new skill GoReact allows me to create additional activities or areas of repetition, record, enhance skills, practice, elaborate, self reflect, all of the above, so that in the end, I am able to capture individual skills as they are being honed in on and driven.

Some of these key drivers being my ability to actually capture proof of upskilling for core company concepts or standards based on my role, up and coming market concepts, things that are becoming popular inside of my market or industry, and any strategic skill that will give me a leg up on the competition.

As I record these individual skills, as I capture myself in action of developing competency, GoReact allows for the management, for the ownership, of this presentation of skill. When I own this skill, and it is housed and organized inside of my GoReact activity folder, I am able to self evaluate, provide critique in a good constructive format utilizing all the breadth of what GoReact has available, text video, audio comments, time embedded feedback based on my own skills, color coded markers for repetitive action, even criteria based rubrics to allow me to evaluate how well I’m actually developing skill. I’m also able to share my skills, the recording or the proof of my competency, with individuals from my professional network. Creating video evidence of my upskilling and my indispensability inside of the professional workforce.