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Using GoReact to Enrich Debriefing Outcomes With Patrick Luna

A short video clip focused on how targeted feedback improves debriefing and overall outcomes

Patrick discusses how targeted feedback within GoReact has improved debriefing and overall outcomes.


Patrick Luna:

So, this is the missing link. And, like I said, I’ve been using GoReact in different mediums. And for debriefing, it was really interesting just to think about how I could utilize it. And where I see the most benefit with it is actually after the students get their feedback. We know that debriefing has a specific definition within the simulation realm, but this can also have didactic implications and definitions as well. Once the students read their feedback, whether it be from a simulation or from a role play or from a case study prompt, once they read their feedback, the questions that they have for me, the level of conversation that I’m having with them is not, “Hey, you broke sterile field here.” It’s, “Oh, why did that occur? How can I get better?”

So we’re having deeper conversations because all of the basic things are handled within the tool. So, the specifics about just improving on a certain thing are, that’s taken usually very literally and they can improve that next time. But what we end up talking about is about the overall just takeaway, because they have this group of feedback that they’re allowed to process independent. So, once they look at all of that, it’s more like, “How do I get better? What was my takeaway from this assignment?” And those are the conversations we have when we’re discussing these assignments in class. They’re a lot deeper. And I was shocked by it at first, but I think it’s a frontier for using a method like this to provide feedback is it’s very deliberate. And so those conversations that I have with my students are a lot deeper now.