Nursing Education

Using GoReact to Evaluate Clinical Judgment

A short video clip showing two use cases for evaluating clinical judgment with video assessment

See two use cases for how nursing faculty can use GoReact video assessment software to evaluate clinical judgment and provide time-coded, personalized feedback in didactic and clinical courses.


Today, I’m going to show you some examples of how GoReact can be used to evaluate clinical judgment tailored to the different levels of nursing students.

In this first case study example, we provided a prompt filled with data about the patient and a video of the client in respiratory distress. The students need to create a specific plan of care and then record their response either directly into GoReact or by uploading a video response into the platform.

Within GoReact, I’m able to provide time coded feedback for the students. What I can do is go into the recording to watch their response, and as I have feedback on their plan of care, I start
typing and the video auto pauses until I’m done. I can provide this feedback in the form of text, video or audio. And students will be able to see that time stamped feedback when they review their grade.

For this assignment, I’ve also uploaded a rubric to use. These rubrics can be customized to my program. In this case, I took an existing rubric from the library that we were already
using for another course, the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric, and just adapted it to the assignment. I simply click through the rubric as the student progresses through their video response and post when I’m finished grading.

Another example is a mock code simulation assignment where students are assigned a role. They work as a group to respond to the code experienced and the response is recorded on video. Students then upload the video into GoReact.

As a part of the assignment, the group members were asked to self reflect on their clinical judgment within GoReact using the same rubric as the instructor. In this case, I attached the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric to the assignment and asked students to complete it while giving feedback. Rubrics can be cloned across multiple courses or assignments. I also included feedback markers using the SBAR communication framework so the team could highlight patient and team communication alongside clinical judgment. These markers are also customizable and can be shared across courses or assignments. They are used for things that are frequently noted so that they can easily and quickly be highlighted.

Following self-reflection, I meet with the students to complete the debrief, where we’re able to review time coded feedback that we provided and jump into the video if there are any follow up questions. This allows us to have a more in-depth conversation throughout the debrief.

GoReact gives me a clear method for evaluating and assessing my student’s clinical judgment.