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Using Impactful Technology To Quickly Support University Needs


Using Impactful Technology To Quickly Support University Needs

On Mar. 23, 2020, Warwick Manufacturing Group was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Up to that point, the university solely practiced face-to-face education and had no infrastructure to support mass online or hybrid learning. Within three days of their closure, WMG was expected to deliver their modules completely online—a challenge they did not take lightly. 

As one of the leading higher education institutions in the world, it was important to them that they secure the connection, productivity, and growth for faculty and students who had worked so diligently in person. After hearing about GoReact from a colleague who attended an educational conference where GoReact was represented, Diana Shore, instructional designer and project manager for WMG, reached out to learn how GoReact could support them during the pandemic.

Under the pressure of a rapid pivot to online learning, Diana recalls the team’s apprehension, saying, “We were all really nervous for the first group of students using GoReact. We weren’t quite sure how it would go or how quickly students would pick it up … but, the students really enjoyed the assessment far more than the solitary experience of writing an essay in their room. It’s collaborative. It’s social learning. It’s activity based.”


Rapid Shift to Online Learning

  • During the pandemic, the university was required to quickly switch from in-person learning ot online learning.

Tutor & Student Buy In

  • Decision makers felt concerned about whether the new software would be difficult to grasp or help students and tutors thrive.

Additional Workload for Tutors & Students

  • Decision makers felt concerns about adding extra work to tutors and students as they’re learning a new software.


GoReact Solutions

Established & Collaborative Software

  • As a technology rooted in video assessment, GoReact was able to step in quickly to support immediate and long-term needs.

Widely Accepted Platform

  • GoReact has been established in the higher education community for many years and has been well loved in education.

Comfortable & Intuitive Technology

  • Users of GoReact find the software to be user-friendly and uncomplicated.

“In 25 years, I have never had a situation where a new technology has been praised jointly by students, tutors, and IT staff. Usually one group has a really dire experience in the first implementation, but with this everyone had a really positive experience.”

Diana Shore

Instructional Designer and Project Manager, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Student Approved Software

With a high priority placed on quality education, WMG surveyed 38 students in the pilot phase to learn about their experiences with GoReact. The approval was staggering. Here are some of the results from that survey.

If the Numbers Weren’t Enough

Here are some direct quotes from WMG students who participated in the survey.

Planning for the Future

GoReact was an incredible resource for WMG during the pandemic and was used throughout the Warwick Business School and Warwick Centre for Teacher Education, but it didn’t stop there. It has been highly successful in supporting the department. The programme now runs as an efficient hybrid model creating more flexibility and modernisation for their educational structure by supporting teaching and learning for 300 teachers and more than 2,700 students. 

Not only has it been beneficial for students, but instructors have found great value in it as well. As Diana puts it, “I was given a real gift with GoReact. Not only do the students appreciate it, but the tutors I’ve worked with have experienced enough that they are unlikely to move to traditional assessment, and now they’re thinking of embedding it across their programme.”