Using the Audio Feedback Feature to Provide Deeper Understanding

A short clip showing how the audio feedback feature is used and how it can lead to more meaningful dialogue between candidate and mentor

See how an audio feedback comment is added to an observation, with the same time-stamped and hyperlinked functionality of text-based comments. The ability to provide more depth to the feedback with audio has increased collaboration between teacher candidates and mentors.


Sean McCarthy:

I love the feature of being able to provide audio feedback and our candidates and mentors have shared how powerful this is as well, particularly when I want to go into a little more depth about a particular piece of feedback. So the candidate can go to this particular spot on the video by clicking on this comment and seeing what was going on. And then they can listen to my audio.

“I really like that you did this turn and talk activity during your presentation. I think it’s a really important thing for students. That’s a great way to not only get them engaged in…”

So that just gives you a little taste of that. And what was nice is the candidates get to hear me kind of explain things that I’m worried might not be as easily understood, which is a brief question or comment. And I get so many great interactions with candidates that I didn’t used to experience where they’ll either email me and thank me for a particular bit of feedback or they will contact me to ask some questions, hey, what do you think I might do? What are some resources available to help me with this challenge that you identified in my classroom? And it’s just allowed for this really, really powerful and positive collaboration.