Teacher Education

Using Video to Deliver Impactful Feedback for Teacher Candidates

A short video clip focused on the use of video for delivering feedback to teacher candidates

Hear how Marti Elford describes the power of video for delivering feedback to teacher candidates and adult learners.



So let’s talk about how we can actually use video and the software you’re currently using to enhance that power of feedback. And so, the first thing that we can establish is that using video, along with coaching conversations and reflective practice it’s a trifecta for teachers to improve. And then, creating conversations where teachers can look at other’s teaching and view expert examples helps them think about their own practice. And how they can improve based on seeing someone who delivers a skill or a strategy very, very well.

And so, using video along with questions and then really listening to the teacher candidate and what they’re saying and what they want to work on is a way to improve the feedback that we’re giving. And also, setting up observations where the teacher candidate looks at things that they’ve heard about in coursework or explicit examples of the things that they want to work on really adds power to video. It really includes a multidimensional layer to effective reflective practice.