Teacher Education

Video as Data to Deliver Feedback

A short video clip focused on the use of video in delivering feedback to learners

Hear how Marti Elford describes using video to open the opportunity for feedback as dialogue between students and instructors.


Dr. Marti Elford:

In his book focus on teaching, Jim Knight talks about video being that third thing. That data piece that an instructor or a coach can use so that the teacher candidate and the instructor are both looking on at the same thing.

That piece of data that can be used to deliver feedback and engage in dialogue. The teacher candidate then can see for themselves what needs to change and what they can take responsibility for to make that change happen. Sometimes teacher candidates and even experienced teachers, first of all, they don’t see themselves teaching very often. And they are focused on what the students are doing instead of what they are doing and what they have control over.

So when we use video as data it opportunities it opens that opportunity for feedback as dialogue between an adult learner.