Teacher Education

Video Assessment: Creating an Environment of Sustainability for Students and Faculty

A webinar featuring Dr. Christine L. Widdall from SUNY Cortland

Adopting or scaling video assessment software in your teacher prep program doesn’t have to be a headache. 

Dr. Chris Widdall implemented GoReact video assessment software at one of the largest teacher prep programs in the northeast, SUNY Cortland. That’s why she believes—no matter the size of your TPP—you can seamlessly integrate GoReact into your program.

In this free webinar, Chris:

  • Shares time-saving methods for onboarding students in GoReact
  • Gives how-to tips for converting hesitant supervisors to GoReact
  • Answers questions submitted by attendees of the live workshop

Dr. Chris Widdall

Dr. Chris Widdall is the Assistant Dean for Assessment and Accreditation for the School of Education at the State University of New York College at Cortland. As an Associate Professor, her research interests include preparing teachers to use educational technologies that purposefully engage and enhance student learning outcomes in the classroom. She joined SUNY Cortland in 2000 and has continually worked to gather data that has guided students, programs, and the campus toward progressive and effective changes in the field of education.