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Video Assessment + Feedback Suits Every Discipline

A short video where Graeme Knowles from Warwick University discusses how video feedback can be used in nearly every discipline

Hear how Warwick University is using video to promote self-reflection among students across multiple degree programs.


Graeme Knowles:

I think it is applicable to all types of degrees, and if you think about a classics degree, you might think about I’d know Socratic inquiry and things like that where we’re questioning assumptions and so on. Actually the videos in that can, or video feedback you can use in this platform can actually help that. As you’re looking at a presentation, you can actually just say, “Did you really mean that? Is what you think about that?” And you can offer those challenges, and I think that there is potentially an application everywhere. We’re finding it particularly useful for our degree apprenticeships, and also we’re looking at micro-credentialing going forward and it has a real potential I think for the micro-credentialing end of things, but as I said before, I really see as potential for helping develop reflection in our students, and that’s got to be across every discipline that we can think of.