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Video Capture Isn’t Enough

A short video clip showing what sets GoReact apart from other video tools

The ability to provide collaborative feedback from instructors to students is a difference maker for GoReact.


Jenny Gordon:

Well, I think there’s a few different things. First of all, traditionally in education we’ve been a little bit afraid of capturing our students on video, but since COVID we’ve all become a little bit more used to and familiar with that, and certainly our 16-year-old learners are very comfortable using video as a form of content, whether they’re creating it or feeding back on it. So I think as we’re maturing and emerging into the use of video more, not just to view content but to actually create it, will be coming more comfortable. And I know that instructional designers at higher end further ed are considering video and assessment much more commonly.

But I mean in some cases, like I mentioned right at the outset, you have colleagues that have asked students to upload a video to say a Google Drive. Great. People can view that video, but how do you feed back on something with pinpoint perfection so that that student knows exactly what they’re doing right or wrong? Really the videos that were being uploaded, you get a summative, good, bad, ugly, whatever the mark might be, but that collaboration around the content is the difference. And that’s quite unique, something that GoReact is doing that we are not seeing anywhere else very often.