Watermark and GoReact Announce Partnership to Enhance Higher Education Learning & Assessment

Watermark and GoReact Announce Partnership to Enhance Higher Education Learning & Assessment

Watermark, a leading provider of software solutions for higher education, and GoReact, a leading provider of cloud-based video feedback software, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the way higher education institutions approach teaching, learning, and assessment. This collaboration brings together two industry powerhouses to deliver an integrated solution that enhances student success, faculty efficiency, and institutional accreditation readiness.

“For years, both Watermark and GoReact have served mutual customers, recognizing the natural synergy between our offerings,” said Erin Shy, CEO of Watermark. “This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to improving education through technology. By combining Watermark’s robust assessment tools with GoReact’s innovative video-based learning platform, we are poised to offer a unique solution that supports skill mastery, drives educator preparedness, and meets the evolving needs of higher education.”

The partnership addresses the critical need for authentic assessment in education, focusing on skills-based learning and competency development. The GoReact platform enables students to demonstrate their skills in real time, offering educators a dynamic way to provide feedback and assess student performance. When GoReact and Watermark’s Student Learning & Licensure are integrated, students’ learning outcomes can be assessed against a course-specific rubric. Assessors can provide students with point-in-time feedback that facilitates continuous improvement and supports the institution’s accreditation efforts.

“Working together with Watermark, we’re not just integrating two technologies; we’re creating an ecosystem where students can authentically demonstrate their competencies and educators can more effectively measure and enhance learning outcomes,” said Ken Meyers, CEO of GoReact. “This partnership will make a practical difference in higher education institutions across the country by simultaneously empowering educators and students with the tools they need for success in a skills-based economy.”

The collaboration between Watermark and GoReact has been long anticipated, with many mutual customers benefiting from each company’s individual strengths. The integrated solution promises to streamline processes, save faculty time, and ultimately improve the quality of education for students across disciplines.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey of both companies towards creating more effective, engaging, and accessible learning experiences. Institutions interested in leveraging the combined power of Watermark and GoReact can expect the integrated solution to be available for implementation in the upcoming academic year.

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