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5 Ways to Make an Awesome Classroom Video

5 Ways to Make an Awesome Classroom Video

Whether you already use video in your courses or you’re trying it out for the first time, it helps to know and review the classroom video basics. Because let’s be honest, video isn’t easy. Even if you’re a YouTube star, an experienced FaceTime user, or the best dog videographer in your family, video requires unique guidelines and skills.

That’s why GoReact, a leading video-based skills training platform, created “The Ultimate Guide to Video in the Classroom.”

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This free classroom video guide is the perfect resource for educators, administrators, TAs, and students. Here are the different sections covered in the free download.

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Consent to Record

Unlike the personal videos you share with your family, classroom videos require strict permission and adherence to privacy laws. This guide reviews FERPA, COPPA, and HIPAA compliance, as well as situations that require consent to film. Administrators, teachers, TAs, and students must always ask for recording permission right from the beginning.

Pro Recording Tips

Preparation is key for recording an appropriate and professional video. Before submitting a video or recording, students and educators must choose the right background, lighting, and clothing. The guide will provide helpful tips to record like a pro.

Recording Equipment

Should classroom video be recorded with mobile devices, webcams, camcorders, or classroom/IP cameras? That’s a great question. For students, the most convenient is mobile devices. But if students use their smartphones to record, they’ll need a charging cord and manually lower the resolution of their film. (High resolution leads to ridiculously large files). The guide discusses the other benefits and tips for using other equipment.

Audio Basics

Poor audio occurs too often in classroom videos. That’s why this guide spends an entire section to arm students and educators with tips that ensure quality audio for in-class presentations, student teacher observations, and self-recording. Don’t let poor audio ruin your classroom video experience!

Become a Classroom Video Expert

Students learn skills faster when they see themselves on video. That’s why educators opt to integrate video technology into their public speaking, teacher prep, language training, nursing education, and performing arts curricula. That’s also why GoReact customers constantly request a guide to video in the classroom.

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We’re excited to share our expertise and offer this free resource for students, educators, administrators, and TAs to use. With this guide, you can confidently use classroom video to learn and teach skills faster!

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