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Ways to Assess That Are
Hard for AI to Hack

A short video clip about how GoReact is being used for authentic assessment at Concordia College

Hear how Concordia College is using GoReact to save time and encourage self-reflection.


Joseph Kennedy:

But we can also move on to come up with some methods of assessing students that are harder for AI to have. Create scaffolded writing assignments, ask students to create products that represent group knowledge like wikis, databases, glossaries, websites. Ask students to use oral presentations.

So you knew goReact was going to come in at some point. As a goReact user and administrator for 10 years I’ll tell you, if your students are going to do oral presentations, a tool like goReact is an absolute must-have because of the amount of time it will save you. Plus, honestly, it makes students reflect more. And if your learning goal is not write a paper and writing a paper is just a way for students to show what they know, an oral presentation is a great way to do it. At Concordia, our English and CSTA departments, communication science and theater, are preparing short how-to sheets for other faculty. The English department is saying how to prompt students to write better in an AI age. And the communication science department is presenting how to ask students to orally present material even if you don’t feel you should be critiquing a speech. Here, we’re going to leverage the environment AI is created to ensure more authentic assessment takes place to begin with, and we’re going to diminish possible bad actions by students by using tools where AI is less helpful.