What is Feedback that Feeds Forward

A short clip about the key components of effective feedback for K12 teachers

Hear from Jenny Ray, LeadFWD, on what makes feedback impactful so that it feeds forward.


So what is this feedback that feeds forward? Well, first of all, it’s focused on high expectations and a strengths based approach to growth. You know, typically as humans, our strengths align with our passions. It’s where we naturally want to improve. And by building on and pushing for growth in our areas of strength, then we can impact growth where we’re not quite as adept. So we, we need to basically want to be better and to do better before we will ever take action to do so.

And secondly, we will focus on feedback that is data driven, always coming back to what is the impact on students and how do we know?

And finally, the third component of feedback that feeds forward is that it’s goal oriented. You know, setting a realistic goal based on evidence of the current state of practice, and then figuring out what it will look like to move toward the desired outcome. Um, that is, that’s where you’re gonna make some movement in, in teachers growing and being self-directed learners.