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What Subjects Is GoReact Good For? All of Them!

Hear why a further education leader considered its choice of GoReact as a “light bulb moment”

From apprenticeships to higher education, and everything in between, GoReact supports skill development.


James Earl:

Yeah, I guess one of the first early discussions we had, didn’t we? Is this partnership and it’s potential and I think sometimes you just find something, whether it’s a product or a service that just makes sense and you begin to question why you haven’t been utilizing it for so long, whether that’s a relatively new solution, whether it’s just a solution that hasn’t landed on the shores. And I think GoReact was certainly one of those things as a bit of a light bulb moment for us as an advisory organization of, well, why isn’t this gain utilized more across multiple subject areas, in multiple forms of delivery and solving many problems and innovating? And if you look at that list, I’m not going to go through every single one of them at all, but I’m sure a lot of you on today’s call will have certain forms of this funded training, if not all of them.

And as Jenny said before, anywhere where a learner needs to demonstrate a skill this could be utilized. And I’ll challenge anybody across any forms of those seven different areas where a learner doesn’t have to demonstrate a skill, therefore it should be and could be utilized because the evidence it brings for us in terms of uploaded evidence and visual evidence, best practice between the trainer, the student experience, the administrative experience, just the data that you gather from it. There’s benefits across everything, especially when it comes to funded training, especially when it comes to uploading evidence of training students within funding, which I know Stu will pick up a bit.