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What to Expect from the New NCLEX

A short video clip focused on the format and question types on the new NCLEX and how to prepare students for the changes

Get expert recommendations on how to develop clinical judgment and critical thinking skills in students so that they can excel on the new NCLEX and beyond.


Patrick Luna:

So three cases that are all unfolding within the NCLEX model, and there’ll be six questions per case. A lot of you have already seen this before, and already heard of this, but this came out. The test plan is out, and this is something they’ve been saying for a while. All students will have to do that, and they’ll have MARs. They’ll have histories. They’ll have patient information. If we can make our students start to really just be comfortable with using that information and doing this constantly, they’re going to rock those questions.

That’s what I’m telling my students all the time is, your knowledge is great. You have an isolated pharm class, you have an isolated patho class. You come to me with all this knowledge. When you show up for your first day of work, they’re not going to give you a patho and a pharm test. They’re going to ask you to enact the knowledge that you have. And that was the deficit that we had as nursing educators is we weren’t finishing that equation.