Why Students & Faculty Love GoReact

Hear why this communications professor says GoReact allows students to be more actively engaged in their own learning

Not only do students love GoReact, but instructors do too because of the time it saves and improved outcomes it delivers.


Susan Knott:

GoReact is put together in such a way that allows me as a teacher to really have students become actively involved in their own learning and feedback assessments. I have students be able to record their own speeches and to provide feedback for themselves, just that only they can see, and I can see, as well as my feedback. I also have students give feedback to each other. I try to have the students give a speech once a week, just to practice speech or some practicing the speech they’re going to be giving in before a live audience. And then give themselves some feedback or work together in teams to provide feedback for each other.

This practice saves me so much time in addition to the deep learning outcomes. It also just saves me as a teacher so much time. Any speech teacher knows you spend so much time listening to speeches. That this really allowed the students to be spending time practicing themselves without needing to have me there giving them a grading or just feedback. And so they got a lot more speech time in. And it saved me a lot of time because I didn’t have to be there to grade or give feedback on every one of those individual speeches.

The thing that I like the very most about GoReact, though, is the fact that students can, they just love it. This is how they react with each other. This is what they love to do selfie videos all the time. And this just gives them a forum to be able to be really good at doing selfie videos, which is pretty much their lifestyle now. And so I just feel like I’m using the medium that the students love and really get engaged with.