Following is an up-to-date list (as of the posting date below) of the names and locations of GoReact subprocessors, subcontractors and content delivery networks. These trusted third parties may participate in processing your data and content submitted to GoReact, for the purpose of delivering and improving our services.

Subprocessors listed with “United States/EU” as the entity country will service our traffic according to the country of origin (i.e. US traffic in the US).

Last updated: 19 February 2020

Entity NameEntity TypeEntity Country
Amazon Web ServicesCloud service and storageUnited States
Encoding.comMedia encodingUnited States
QEncodeMedia encodingUnited States
NexmoMedia recordingUnited States/EU
PubNubWeb communicationUnited States/EU
Salesforce.comCustomer relationship managementUnited States
HubspotCustomer relationship managementUnited States
ZendeskCustomer service managementUnited States
FullstoryCustomer experience analysisUnited States
GoogleCustomer experience analysisUnited States/EU
Braintree PaymentsSecure payment gatewayUnited States
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